379436_2362266547727_601764462_nWelcome to Our Heart and Seoul: a blog dedicated to helping adoptees and foreigners who are either in Korea or who are considering coming to Korea.  This blog was created to be utilized as a resource for foreigners and adoptees. It is my hope that this blog will not only function as a place for information in and about Korea from an adoptee perspective, but also that it can spark a dialogue between adoptees and foreigners alike.

My name is Jonathan Groat and I am a Korean-adoptee who was born in Korea and was raised in the United States. First things first, although my adoption does not define who I am, it as well as the transition to life here in Korea will be a large focus on this blog in hopes that my own experiences can help other adoptees who find themselves in Korea for whatever reason. I hope that this blog will also be useful to anyone who is interested in traveling as I myself am an avid traveler and an embracer of cultures. I am also an avid photographer, lover of food, and ponderer of thoughts.

This blog will act as a sounding board for my thoughts and feelings, while also being a place for me to relay any valuable tips and advice such as the always important tasty restaurant, or quiet coffee shop.

I hope you will find the content of this blog useful, but if nothing else that you might find it at least mildly enjoyable…or tolerable for that matter. Jokes aside, thank you for taking the time to check out this blog and my your travels take you far and bring you safely home wherever home might be.


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