Seoul Food

At first glance many people including adoptees might find themselves averse to Korean food. Despite being declared one of the healthiest foods that the western world isn’t eating (or smelling), Kimchi isn’t the only food to come for Korea, nor is it the most delicious. Korean food has recently gained popularity in other countries in the form of endless amounts of marinated beef and pork at Korean BBQ restaurants. For those who prefer a more vegetarian diet, bibimbap or kimbap have also gained popularity in cities around the US as a healthy lunch and portable snack.

41163_1484907374296_7671926_nAlthough with its dramas and movies, one of Korea’s greatest cultural delights comes in the form of fermented vegetables and delectably tender meats. These days I find myself much more concerned with “what amazing food we will eat today”, as opposed to concerning myself with such trivial manners such as “where will we go?”

It should also be noted that Korea, specifically Seoul, is becoming more and more international everyday. Although it might not be as easy as in a city such as Los Angeles or New York, it is very possible to find world class food from around the world in this city of 12 million people. Craving pasta? No problem. The Seocho area of Seoul is home to a number of authentic Italian restaurants and French Bakeries. I even had the great pleasure of going to one where the chef spoke only Italian! Need to get your burger fix? Korea has a seemingly endless number of burger restaurants that have western burgers from home and new innovative burgers that are sure to longing for the days when you could eat a burger in Korea, even while you’re home in the US.

46712_1484913374446_1200422_nThis page of the blog is dedicated to bringing you information about the best places to eat in Seoul. I will do my best to supplement articles with pictures and directions as well.

Oh, and during your time in Korea you can expect to have kimchi’s rather unique flavor and aroma grow on you. Much like the finer things in life such as wine or coffee, kimchi is an acquired taste. Keep at it for long enough and you’ll be a true kimchiphile in no time at all — you’ll probably be healthier for it too.